Healin’ Hollers Creams – We offer two unique skin care products designed to moisturize skin.
Normal, healthy skin is coated in a thin layer of natural lipids, or fatty substances that keep in moisture, leaving the skin soft and supple. Dry skin is usually caused by something in the environment or something that is stripping away these fatty oils, leaving your skin unprotected.

For many, dry skin is not a sign of a skin condition or disease, but is simply caused by dry winter air, low humidity environments, age (dryness increases as people age), sun damage, exposure to chemicals in soaps and detergents, itchy clothing, and long, hot showers.

Healthy skin is the body’s primary defense against infection. Dry, cracked skin can provide an opening for bacteria to enter the body. This can lead to more serious problems.

Healin’ Hollers offers two great products to help keep your skin moisturized, supple, smooth, and healthy.

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